Air-Spinner is the easiest way to measure maximum air flow through the air conditioning condenser coil.

Keep your air conditioning system at maximum airflow.



Air Spinner LED Green

Youtube video here.

Goodman 5 mins into the video Clogged Condenser coil



1985 YORK Condenser with original fan motor!

Great discharge air flow velocity!!

Keeps the fan motor cool for 33 years!

Notice air discharge 23.6 C degrees 75F outlet temperature. Delta T 12F


Low Air Flow Velocity  Neighbors 1980's Goodman. Fan Motor has been changed twice. Clogged Coil and weak fan capacitor.

Notice air discharge 35.2 C degrees 95F outlet temperature. Delta T 32F


Tested the Air Spinner LED on York Unit from 1985.

Great air flow 1900 FPM for a 32 year old unit with original fan motor. Maximum air flow cools the fan motor and lengthens the life of the motor.

Tested the Air Spinner LED on a Lennox Unit - Neighbor Unit Needs Coil Washing. The LED Light Lit up only in a couple of places. The air flow is between 500 FPM and 1200 FPM. Dirty coil and possible new fan motor and fan blade installed at the wrong height (needs adjustment).



How it Works

The air conditioning system absorbs the heat from the indoor air and releases the heat outdoors. The indoor air gets colder faster with good air flow through the outdoor condenser unit. The more air flow through the outdoor unit means more heat from indoors is discharged outside. The discharge air flow also helps cool the compressor, condenser fan motor, and condenser coil, so the outdoor equipment will last longer.

The discharge air flow (>1100 FPM) by the condenser spins the Air Spinner LED computer case fan motor.  The Air-Spinner LED generates 2.1 VDC and lights up the green LED light.  The air spinner LED is calibrated so that the LED light will not light with LOW discharge air flow (<1000 FPM) from the air conditioning condenser. 

No Batteries needed.


Good Air Flow

1905 FPM air flow on a 1985 York Air Conditioning Condenser.

1200 FPM - 2000 FPM will cause the light to shine bright all around the grill.



Low Air Flow

452 FPM on a Goodman Air Conditioning Condenser with Clogged Coil.

Bad Air Flow 300 -1000 FPM

Will cause the LED light not to shine bright or shine only in 1 or 2 spots on the grill. This is caused by Dirty and Plugged AC Condenser Coil or Bad Fan Motor, or Weak Fan Capacitor or Fan Blade not positioned at the right height on the fan motor shaft.




Air Spinner LED Green at Night on a York unit with good air flow 1900 FPM air flow velocity.








2016 Rheem Model RLNN-A060DM SEER 13 - 5 Ton RTU

Micro Channel Coil 23 FPI - Clean coils using water only!

1/3 HP - 24" BLADE - 3930 CFM - DISCHARGE AIR FLOW > 1369 FPM



Installation video



Coil Length  = 18" + 46"

coil length 30"

Total Coil Length  =  18" + 46" + 30" =  94"

Coil Size  94" x 30" = 2820 sq in = 19.6 sq ft



There are 2 easy ways to determine Sensible Heat through a Condenser Coil.

Delta T -   Temperature differential between inlet and discharge air temperature using a thermometer. The greater the temperature difference (>15F) the more restricted the condenser coil.


Measuring FPM Air flow using an anemometer.

Air Spinner LED  and a Professional Anemometer.


Sensible Heat Calculation

The equation to remove heat from a building using the air conditioning condenser.

Sensible BTUs(heat) = CFM x ∆Temp x 1.08

CFM FPM x Coil Size

Sensible BTUs(heat) = FPM x Coil Size x Temp x 1.08

The Condenser Coil Size remains constant



Sensible Heat Calculation  -  Sensible BTUs = (FPM x Coil Size) x ∆Temp x 1.08

The faster Air Spinner LED Spins the brighter the LED Light.

The faster Air Spinner Spins the more heat is rejected from the building and lower electric bills which saves money!



The Original Air Spinner

Short Video of the Air Spinner Rheem 10 ton split condenser



"HAND"-OMETER Anemometer 

Bill Spohn from TruTech Tools 2 MIN INTO THE VIDEO


Air Spinner works when you don't need perfect measurements to do your work.







Air Spinner's selling point is that the Air Spinner uses "all" the varying velocities to make it spin. 

Air Spinner fabric spins round and round from the different velocities discharged from the grille.

It averages them out by spinning!

Measurements take less than a minute! Watch this video


MS6252B Digital Anemometer


The problem with measuring air velocity with a digital meter is that you have to take many measurements from side to side and front to back. I found that the discharge FPM air velocities can vary up to 1000 FPM. This is a time consuming method to find the average velocity.

watch 1 to 2 mins into the video



How I created the Air Spinner 11/09/2017 using the Sto-Klips Magnetic Fastener and Air Filter Screen Fabric.

YouTube Video



So the faster Air Spinner Spins the more $$ savings for the customer on their electric bill.

Much quicker than measuring / inspecting the whole condenser coil.



The best way to ensure proper air flow through the air conditioning condenser coil.

The Air Spinner will rise upward and spin faster with more discharge air flow!

More Heat BTUs will be rejected into the air when more air flows through a clean unrestricted condenser coil.


Great air flow! 2200 FPM air flow velocity through this 7.5 Ton Rheem Split Condenser (6400 CFM air flow).


You have to move the air through the condenser coil in order to reject the heat from the building.

Air Spinner with a Sto-Klip Magnet shows how much air is flowing through the condenser coil.

Condenser Coil Air Restriction  -  Now you can see how much more air flows through a clean condenser coil. Just use it to measure the air flow before and after cleaning the condenser coil.

Condenser Fan Motor Problems  -  Fan motor not spinning at the proper RPM, fan motor overheating and going out on thermal overload, fan motor bearing issues, weak or open fan capacitor, fan blade rotating in the wrong direction, and fan blade is not positioned correctly on the motor shaft in the housing. For Large RTU units 7.5 tons and up compare the air flow operation of each fan motor in a 2 fan motor system.

Refrigerant Pressure -  Better air flow will cause the Freon high side head pressure to be 20+ PSIG Lower. The air conditioning compressor will run cooler and last longer.

More discharge air flow will lower the Delta Temperature differential in the Sensible Heat Equation. 

Sensible Heat Calculation  -  Sensible BTUs = CFM x ∆Temp x 1.08

CFM FPM x Coil Size

Sensible Heat Calculation  -  Sensible BTUs = FPM x Coil Size x ∆Temp x 1.08

The faster Air Spinner Spins the more heat is rejected from the building and lower electric bills which saves money!


Air Spinner with Sto-Klip Magnet. Checks in less than a minute for Air Flow through any condenser coil. Shows clogged & plugged AC condenser coils on Residential units and Lite Commercial units.

Residential Units - Air Spinner measures the air flow through many different condenser coils.   Watch a Clogged / Plugged Coil @ 1min 30 sec into the video.


Lite Commercial Units


I love your video demo's!
That Air Spinner idea is really cool.  Hopefully not just for HVAC geeks!
I like how it "visually" shows the difference between a clogged coil, and a clean coil immediately! Very easy to install.
Ken Stokes inventor of Sto-Klips Magnet Fastener US Patent 9,328,754




1994 Goodman Clogged & Plugged Condenser coil -   Air Spinner shows little air flow coming out sideways from the condenser.

Watch a Clogged / Plugged Coil @ 1min 30 sec into the video.




1980's Goodman / Janitrol Clogged & Plugged Condenser coil